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Knee pain

I’ve been running 4-5k two or three times a week since I graduated. Went out yesterday morning and about 3k In was running downhill and suddenly got stabbing pains in my knee.

So bad I had to hobble home by which time I had tightness at the back of my knee too.

I didn’t twist my leg or stumble so wondering what’s happened as I can hardly walk on it now 😳.

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We are not (for the most part) medically trained and any advice given here should be on the basis that it is from a disparate bunch of individuals on the interweb, however well meaning.

Runners first aid is based on Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation and a combination of these may well sort you out. Google RICE for runners.

If it persists get professional medical advice.

Running downhill is when we often have a tendency to stride out, but this can increase the stresses, on the knee joint in particular, by a factor of three.

Take care.

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