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Tredmill v outdoors


Hi all! I have recently started doing the couch to 5k. I have completed 3 weeks in 2 weeks. I started my week 4 today and was struggling slightly at the 5 minutes of jogging. This today was done on my tredmill at home as my 7 month old slept in afternoon. How do others find the tredmill. Im not so keen on it. But will need to use it when hubby is working away. I prefer outdoors, anyone else with similar thoughts? Thanks.

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My daughter used to take her little one out in a running pushchair, they both loved it ,

Dondons11 in reply to Jen58

I did think about that but im not sure how safe the stroller would be. I might give it a go.

Jen58 in reply to Dondons11

Daughter was lucky enough to borrow a proper running pushchair, she has since said it was best thing ever ,

Go steady 👍🏻


You need a designated running buggy for safety reasons...other than that... run indoors if you need to :) You are running :)

Dondons11 in reply to Oldfloss

Yes thats why im not doing it with baby as its not a running one. Im finding i dont like the tredmill the same as outside

Can you watch tv at the same time?

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