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In to week 5


Just discovered this forum and am now on week 5. Used to run 3 times a week but had my babies and life got in the way!

Just bought a treadmill as cannot leave house of an eve due to looking after my 3 under 5s!!

Anyway, now on week 5 - feel the stamina coming back and running for 5 minutes is becoming the norm. However, my knees have started to really hurt!! Like wake me up at night hurt!! Any suggestions? I can still run but I worry maybe doing long term damage- don’t want it to get in the way of my progress!! X

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I’ve had bad knees too. First the left which I ran through via ibuprofen and it was fine after a week or so. Now it’s the right and I’m doing the same. I’m also going against advice on this forum so if I do myself an injury, I’ll have no one to blame but myself! How ever my sports physio friend at work says it’s just strength needed. I have invested in knee sleeves too.

I've also got knee pain. Was advised on here to rest up for a few days and get gait analysis/new running shoes, which I have done. Also to run (even) slower and with shorter strides. Today I started week 5 and the first five minutes were fine (at a ridiculously slow pace!) but during the next 5 minutes the knee pain returned and stayed for the rest of the session - I was limping at the end. I think I need to rest longer between runs until this is completely better. Also to do more low-impact strengthening exercises between runs.

It's annoying isn't it, when your breathing/stamina is up to it but your knees let you down!


Welcome to the forum.

The guide to the plan is essential reading

To reduce impact slow down, make sure footfall is under your body not out in front, avoid heelstriking and wear the best shoes you can afford after having a gait analysis done at a specialist running shop.

Take care.

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