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Gait analysis


Well it’s been a couple of weeks since I was reluctantly persuaded to have a GA to see if it would help my knee problem.

I say “reluctant” because I thought it was possibly just a rip off way to make you buy new (and more expensive) shoes.

But I have to admit that my persistent acute knee problem, that started at around week 7, has disappeared without a trace.

I’ve only done 2 runs (6km and 5km) since I had the GA but I can tell it’s very different.

I still have achy knees and hips afterwards for a day but it’s an even, all over pain that’s not in one specific place and so I’m guessing that’s just because I’m new to running and I’m getting on a bit. I’m expecting the aches to ease a bit one day!

Yes, I did have to part with £110 for my new shoes (incidentally, one and a half sizes bigger!) but as some of you said to me on here, it’s a good place to start if you want to keep on running.

Which I do.

Thanks folks. 😊

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I got a gait analysis too! Can’t wait to get my new shoes this week and take them out for the first time. Happy running!!

Great post Jude, and really good news for your knees. Worth the investment 😊xx

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