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Second post graduation run

Varied my route to go via the canal this morning - made a nice change with the exception of the hill back up.

Decided not to wear my new shoes after yesterday’s gait analysis. Think they may be a big tight so will have to decide before wearing outside. Lesson learned - don’t take the kids with you as it’s hard to concentrate

Speed increasing (possibly a bit too much too soon so will need to watch that). Might try a trail up into the hills next - that should slow me down.

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There is nothing wrong with a bit of speed now and then, (the contrary in fact) but make sure you keep it to only 20-30% of your running, as outlined in the guide to post C25k running healthunlocked.com/couchto5...…….what-next


Thanks. My biggest concern is that I seem to have no real control over pace. Hopefully that will come with experience over time. Thanks for the reminder of the pinned posts. Will finish my 3 weeks consolidation and then figure out what next. Probably distance and try for 10k.


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