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Not ran for nearly 3 weeks

Hi everyone

My last run was my graduation run which is now coming up to nearly 3 weeks. My foot became severley infected (still not sure how) and i was given antibiotics which initally never worked and prolonged the process of being unable to walk properly for 2 weeks. Now i am feeling better to run again i was wondering what would be the most sensible run for my first one back


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Put no pressure on yourself. Do your warm-up and just go for a run.

Don't clock watch, ignore time and distance completely and just run whatever pace you feel for as long as you want to.

When your done - look over how long you've run for and how much distance you have covered and you will see for yourself what you have lost in stamina in the past three weeks; and then adjust your forward plan from there.


Thanks this is a great help. I suppose my body will tell me when it is right to stop and go from there.

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You will find out when you try.

Just follow the advice of Whatsapp


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