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Good morning C25 buddies please can you give me recommendation for a fitness tracker please , is Fitbit still the favourite πŸ˜€

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I guess it all depends on what you are trying to achieve. Personally I am a "runner" and my observation of fellow runners at parkrun, etc is that they all wear Garmin. This is because they are interested in distances, paces, heart rate number , cadence, etc. My non-running friends all wear Fitbit - and as far as I can make out it is mostly about how many steps they take in a day and keeping themselves moving. It really is two different "markets". I think there is a difference in motivation between the two markets though - the first market is motivated to do their stuff and want to track what they are doing. The second market is using the device to motivate them .

TbaeGraduate in reply to Bazza1234

Thanks for this help.Very useful observations and conclusion.πŸŒŸπŸ‘πŸ‘


I can't give any recommendations as i am no expert but i do have a Charge 2 HR - it tracks your run if you turn on the GPS, it tracks your heart rate, average pace, number of steps (obv) and calorie burn - to get a better view of my per km pace i also turn on my Samsung Health Tracker which gives me all the PB's etc,

I guess it will come down to what you personally want to use the tracker for, what info you need and your budget. Happy shopping!


I got a Samsung Gear Fit 2 free with my phone and it's very good for heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, step tracking and running. You can load the MapMyRun app onto it and also store up to 500 songs and pair it with bluetooth headphones so I don't need to take my phone out with me for a run. I know it retails at about Β£200 which I don't know I would have paid for it, but using it I have zero complaints - it's very good and it gives me a nudge to get up from my bum every 50 minutes when I'm at work so I don't spend too much time sitting.

Depends what you are looking for in a fitness tracker really though


I stick with a Fitbit Charge HR and use Runkeeper on my phone to track the run in particular.


Thanks for asking this question.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


I have the Fitbit Ionic , tracks different exercises (set up on dashboard) , has GPS , tells you weather forecast , can store music (not worked how to yet 😬)


I have a Fitbit surge it had HR monitor Built in GPS . It does the usual step counting and you can select several exercise that can be tracked. I park run and bought it for that . I got mine brand new off EBay . My advise would be to make sure you select one that does everything you want it too and check the prices on eBay I got mine for Β£70 when they retail still around Β£160 !


I love my Fitbit Alta hr. I use map my run too.


I have a fitbit charge 2 but it's on strike when it comes to runs, the GPS just won't link up properly with my phone so vastly underestimating how long I run for! I use it for step counts and activity tracker but have the Nike run club app on my phone to track my runs and track my splits and pace etc

I have replied on a separate post, so that I can show off my volcano maps :)

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