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Week 9, Run 2... How accurate is Strava?

Week 9, Run 2... How accurate is Strava?

Just completed W9R2 and ran a bit extra to complete 5km.... 😀

According to Strava I did this in just over 32mins, so am feeling really great! Now here’s the but...

I also wear a activity tracker which would have included my warmup walk and cool down walk and it says I only did 4.8km.

I actually run on a track so I know 5km is 12.5 laps... but as I was relying on Strava I didn’t mentally count my laps... I had this doubt last week when I first used Strava and it said I’d done 4.4km in 27.4 mins... I have previously counted laps and I didn’t think I’d run that far...

So now I’m not sure what App I should rely upon for distance... any suggestions?

I’ll be doing my graduation run at a Parkrun this Saturday...🤞

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I am just a Stoneage Techie Dinasur at present.🦕

But here is a little tip, perhaps, that might just help you at present, I lose my count also.🤔

You are right, of course,12.5 x 400m = 5k. But 4 laps of a 440 yd circuit is close to 400 m and is one mile, So 12 laps is 3miles and that is 5k close.👍

As you knock them off just count them down every four as one mile then your second, then your last and third.You might find that easier.🤔 I keep tally also with my fingers as I pass my start point. 🤔 I try not clench my fist though, tesion🙈😂😂 At least I can carry on when techie stuff goes walk about.👍

A 10 min mile is 10 km/hr pace or 5km in 30 minutes.👍

Hope this is not confusing , but it might reassure you until your techie stuff catches up.🤔

I liked to think of 10 minute miles and I think what a lovely margin of opportunity to even get to an eight minute mile , never mind a four. Dream on.🤔🌟👏👏


Try them both at parkrun and see which comes nearest to 5k.

All apps are only as accurate as the hardware they are running on.

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