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Red faced

I've just done the first run of week 3 (and survived) but I'm slightly worried about how hot I get. I took my jumper off because I was far too hot and a guy jogged past in a hoody, wooly hat and a rucksack on his back!

Got home and found my face is VERY red but with White patches too. Anyone else experience this? It makes me look very unwell and I'm not an unfit person. Can't bring myself to run in daylight yet!

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I started this program march last year & was exactly the same. not only do I get the bright red face but I sweat loads as well to the point where it ran down into my eyes & I end up with soaking wet hair! it does get better the more you run. at the moment your body is coping with breathing & running (which I found quite difficult to master) & gets hot. some people dont sweat as much & their face, arms, chest etc simply go red.

I ran this morning for an hour & had the bright red face back again. I find that if Im dehydrated (drank 2 glasses of wine last night) it really makes a difference. if you can take a drink with you that may help. I run on a treadmill & always have a wet cloth close to hand. I use this to wipe away the sweat but because it is already cold & wet it seems to cool me down aswell. oh, I get the blotchy patches as well!

I have found that breathing deeply on the cool down walk at the end helps with the red face & mine can stay for up to an hour.

if you are really concerned you could mention it to your doctor but I would be inclined to think that it is there as you are getting used to running.

good luck with the rest of the plan. X


I always get the red face and it lasts for an hour or so even after having a shower. Didn't used to when I was younger but my husband and daughters always get red in the face when they exercise and always have done since they were youngsters so maybe it just depends on the person.

The weather has turned mild, I wore less layers today and was still soaked in sweat at the end of my run.

Maybe the jogger has been jogging for years, this time next year you just might be jogging with a back pack too :)

As shellymcb says if you are worried it wouldn't hurt to have a health check.

Best of luck.


I also get really red-faced, but I just got to the point of not caring. I even get red faced at zumba in a room full of women and lots of mirrors, but I just get on with it.

No one really notices my red face, or if they do they dont stare, and they dont ask me if I'm ok (I hate that!). I have to say that the fitter I have got probably the quicker my red face recovers, but I still sweat like anything, especially all down my back lol. And I get really hot and have to strip in February, so I'm a bit concerned how naked I'll need to be running in August lol.

As easy as it is to say - just focus on you. Sod everyone else being red, purple, orange or blue faced (well, maybe help the blue faced ones because we arent meant to be the colour of smurfs), and when your running people dont really see your face long enough to notice, like you probably didnt notice the pained look on that runners face thinking 'why the HELL did I pack this bag and run with it on grumble grumble' face lol.


Miranda, you sound JUST like me. Really worried I'll only be a winter runner because I'm already far too hot! Tried drinking lots today but still red faced so think it must just be a genetic thing. Hoping it gets better with time though, I thought my forehead was on fire during the last part of the run!

Thanks for all your replies. It's reassuring to know I'm not the only one


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