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Gutted 😒

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Was about to start week 9 and have now injured myself. My IT band has flared up and my knee was so painful I couldn't even walk. Haven't run in 2 weeks now and was so close to completion. I can now walk but it's still painful. Have looked up various stretches and exercises but does anyone have anything they recommend particularly? Im also after knee support recommendations. Thanks.

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Sorry to hear! Hopefully someone will be able to post some helpful stretches but not in place of seeking medical advice. Try not to be too down and whatever you do, keep yourself focused on healing and getting back to your challenge. You will get there.

That is awful and you are struggling.

RICE can never do any harm,rest , elevation, frozen peas in a towel for 20mins, paracetamol for pain.

But 2 weeks you need to see a physio.πŸ€”

Hope you get sorted quickly.πŸ‘πŸ‘


I feel your pain litereately I was on W8R3 when I also injured my knee in October 2017 turned out to be patella fermoral..... gutted.... as Tbae said R.I.C.E. is good I also went to my GP who gave me antinflammatories and pain killers and physio continue the physio at home it really does help also leg, Hip and glute strengthning is a must which I do at the gym 3 times a week foam rolling too if u can stand the pain do not over do it though take it slow and steady if your knee hurts when doing the exercises then take it down a notch smaller movements to start I'm not fully recovered yet but my physio has suggested I start running again YAY but advised me to start slowly so it's back to W1R1 for me ☹ ...... oh and the footwear is important too I've invested in a proper pair of running trainers had my gait analysis done, can be pricey but so important....... Good luck and do take it steady make sure you're fully healed before you go out again πŸ–’

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