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Blisters despite twin-skin type socks?

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Week 2 run 2. The second time I’ve tried twin-skin type socks. The first time my feet were red and sore. Tried a different brand yesterday and ended up with blisters. I have new Asics trainers which I love and are roomy enough. Maybe these socks aren’t for me?! Too thick? I have single socks that are moisture-wicking so will go back to them. Blisters and my sore quad (another post) are making me feel sorry for myself!

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Maybe the shoes are are so roomy that feet are moving about too much in them, try relacing using the extra hole.. Vaseline or Compeed helps with blisters, stretch after your runs to help with leg soreness, and make sure you're only running slow and steady..😊

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Weglet in reply to davelinks

Thanks Dave!

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I use this lacing technique which pulls the shoe closer to your ankle without tightening across foot and toes.

I was totally gobsmacked I only learnt this at Christmas and I've wasted years of too loose shoes!!

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Thank you! I always feel as if they are too tight across foot or too loose and I stop to re-lace them. Will check this out! 👍🏻

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Blisters are normally caused by the foot moving about too much in your shoes.

You could look at these lacing techniques to see if they help

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Fab! Thanks! Shoes do feel too tight or too loose so I will go look! 👍🏻

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The heel lock shown in GoGo_JoJo pic (the 3rd pic) was a complete eye opener and game changer for me when I learned it. I was able to tighten my shoes enough without my feet going numb and no heel liftage. I also have twin-skin socks but find I prefer my thinner mono-skin socks especially if my feet are going to get quite hot which is more an issue in the summer for me.

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Weglet in reply to SaskAlliecat

Thank you! That will be tomorrow’s homework. :-)

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I have always suffered with blisters when walking, running and just generally as my feet have bunions and the toes rub across each other. But I now use runners toe socks, with separate toes and have not rubbed one blister since doing couch25k and I’m about to start week 7 now.

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