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Snow-related repeat of week 5

What with the weather we have had a week of and last Monday we set off to repeat w5r1 but ended up doing w5r2 instead. I really felt it in the legs this time but strangely we ended up a trifle faster...very strange running past the snow patches that were until recently snowmen. Anyway today we are going to try w5r3 for the second time. At least we know it is possible, something we weren't too sure of last time, and then hopefully we can actually make some progress provided the weather stays reasonable!

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Stay nice and slow! No rush, no hurry, no need to push

Have fun 😃👍


Thanks! We managed it but have had a few more problems since so we are working hard to keep motivated!


Slow and steady does it...enjoy the journey:)


Will do! :) It was only a marginal improvement anyway it was just a surprise it had been a change in that direction!


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