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Week 6 Run 2

Whilst day dreaming at work today I had the urge to run after work. drove home got kitted up and went for a run. I usually like to stick to plans as someone more experienced than me has usually put them together and they work. However the run urge was too great and even thiough I had done Week 6 run 1 yesterday I needed to do run 2 today so I did. As always with these runs I really love and hate the last few mins. Laura eggs me on by saying how well i have done and that I can do it. I grit my teeth and tell her i can and I will do it Laura. I know my speed goes down to s crawl at the end but it is the pain and then the elation when you finish that I cant get enough of that buzz. I will definately have a break now before I tackle the 25 min run but thanks to the gradual improvements throughout the runs I know I will do it. I am excited about running for a longertime and running further - How close will I get to that elusive 5K - It was 3.85km tonight . Oh I am getting to love this running lark

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Hi Bertie. Well done! Sounds like you've definitely got the bug! I did my first post graduation run today in the sunshine and it was hard but felt great. Enjoy your rest before the 25 min run.

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You had a good run but try not to break the rules or ignore the wise words on here i.e. you should have a rest day in between runs. Your risk of injury will increase if you don't and to my mind there's no advantage to that unless you want to return to the couch, that is. Good luck with the rest of the programme.


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