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On the road - literally!!

This week I carried on with my attempt at Ju-Jus 10K plan (week 2). With runs planned for Monday, Wednesday and Saturday the Beast was not going to get in my way!

Both Monday and Wednesday runs were greeted with flurries of snow en route and I had to laugh as I remember my earlier C25K weeks when I refused to go out in the rain.

On Monday’s run I demonstrated to myself running whilst having a conversation as my daughter rang just I headed out. Ju-Ju had instructed us to do “Belly Breathing” which I totally forgot. I must have been absent minded that day as I also ran the wrong distance. Doh!

Wednesday was a 5K mid week and despite the snow on the ground I somehow managed to pull out a personal best time. How did that happen!

Today was a bit of a longer run and perhaps I gave it a bit too much respect but I decided at the start to take it nice and slow 🐌! Having said that the ground was much worse than the other days and I resorted to running on the roads where safe instead of the pavements.

Once I figured it out the belly breathing actually did help but I had to focus on doing it a lot more than normal. Definitely going to try this out more often.

I think I have been lucky with my runs this week - either picking the right time or being in the right part of the country. Either way I think today was more touch and go. Here’s hoping for a slightly warmer rest of the month. Happy running everyone, stay safe and keep believing.

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Well done Richard, you have done wonderfully this week, despite all the inclement weather:)

Stay safe, stay warm and belly breathe beautifully !x

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