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An unexpected W5r3!

An unexpected W5r3!

I knew I was going to go for a run tonight, but had been expecting one of the girls to run with me. But it snowed earlier, and it’s cold, and it’s a Monday night, so no. I’ve been really pleased with my first two W5 runs so had no particular reason to fear this one, but would have been happy to put it off a little longer. With no valid excuse, however, I downloaded the podcast and set off! I’d seen various posts on here from other people who’ve done this run yesterday and today, so that encouraged me too...

So wrapped up against the cold, one new buff around my wrist to keep my phone and keys in place, the other around my head keeping y ears warm and headlines in, off into us cold dark night I went.

Oh. My. Word. It’s very pretty out there, but so so cold! That’s a good incentive to walk briskly though... and then it was time to start. I know from experience to just take it five minutes at a time, don’t get overwhelmed about the whole thing, and just keep going. First five minutes, all ok... second five still good, feeling more comfortable. Third five minutes felt really happy, could keep going forever. (Yeah, right!) Last five minutes I again relaxed into it, stopped holding back and ran whatever pace felt right. And somehow in the last two minutes sped up more and more, until I was flying - by my standards at least! ;)

And then it was over. Huge grin here 😁😁😁 I’m absolutely delighted! Oh, and there’s a picture to show you the extreme weather conditions here 😂

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Brrrrr and brrrrrillliant.... Go you... You really are flying.... a bit like the snowflakes here right now:)

Well done you!

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Well done! I'll be doing this run tomorrow so am encouraged by your experience. In this part of France the temperature hasn't gone above -4 for several days so I go out looking like the Michelin man I have so many . layers of clothes! Onwards and upwards!




Fantastic achievement well done


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