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W7,R3....in a flurry

Afternoon...was in two minds whether to run today or tomorrow then I had a look at the weather forecast and it’s going to be bad where I live from Tuesday onwards so I thought better get one in today as I’m not sure I’ll do any the rest of the week ❄️❄️❄️

Run went well, at one part there was a small flurry of snow and the sun shone simultaneously which was something special to see.

Jo’s script keeps saying I should of found my own rhythm by now, which I think I have, unfortunately for me it isn’t a very fast rhythm . People say pace comes with time, I can’t work out how that happens, if I’m slow now I’m pretty sure I’ll be slow further on?

Keep warm and safe guys


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Well done OlderThanDirt😊

Pace does improve, but it does take time, the more running you do the better at it you get... As long as you do it safely within the bounderies and take your rest days.. two years on I'm running faster than when I graduated, and a lot further too😊xx

Onwards to Wk8..

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A rhythm is still a rhythm at any speed! I wouldn't worry too much just yet, you're getting through them, that's what counts just now! 💪👍😉

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As Bluebirdrunner says..pace comes with time... the more you run, the stringer you become, your kegs your stamina everything..

I am repeating C25K currently and the difference between now, ( even after the IC) and when I was doing C25K, in pace, stamina, distances.. is frankly, amazing.

Your pace, is just that.... your happy pace, and you may find,as time goes on that happy pace becomes a faster happy pace...:)

You are doing brilliantly:) Just relax and enjoy...


I graduated c25k last July, after that i have ran a few 10km races but in January this year i hurt my knee, physio said knee tendonitis, anyway had 6 weeks off and now back to week 5/6 c25k, my pace is definitely a lot quicker than when i did c25k, it is almost the same as before i had my knee injury


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