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Week 7

I've never been the sporty type and have certainly never ran before.. So can't believe I am about to start week 7...and the fact that I am actually enjoying it although it is definitely a mental challenge as well as physical one.

I've noticed now with the longer albeit slow runs that my muscles are feeling tight..in an ideal world I would like to go to yoga but it isn't an option at the moment. Could anyone recommend a stretch routine to do for a novice like me... Thanks

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Me too, 1st W7 will be Tuesday.

I'm not surprised you're starting to feel it. There are some links to stretches and I'm sure a senior member will be along very soon with them.

I do 5 or 6 mins of what I call garden aerobics after every run, incorporating squats which stretch the glutes, forward and side lunges, front kicks for alternate legs, toe touching etc. Basically anything that feels like its stretching anything that's tender.

Personally I swear by a massage roller, in fact I use three different ones every night on calves, quads, glutes and anywhere else I can reach. Calves especially are so easy to deal with. Hamstrings and glutes harder but you can deal with them if you persevere 👍😊

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Well done for getting to wk 7..I like the idea of a massage roller! .. Will start those stretches and hopefully it will help.. Good luck with your runs this week xx

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