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Omg I did it!!@@@ wk5r3

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Wk 5r3

I only went and did it..... ran non stop for 20 minutes. I was slow but I didn't quit. I feel elated. Going from some one who was out of breath after walking for a couple of hundred yards to someone who CAN RUN for 20 minutes without stopping. I was very worried about trying but with my amazing husband (who is much fitter than me and can run fast and a long distance) by my side we made it. To all of you who are worried about trying 20 minutes all I can say is if I can a seriously over weight former smoker in her 50's can. YOU CAN and the feeling after is amazing...grab your trainers and go for it :)

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Well done! That week 5 run 3 is a special one - physical fitness is definately building now. Tip for Week 6 - BELIEVE you can do this - the return to intervals/ walk breaks catches a few out but stay mentally strong and you will be fine! Good luck with the next few weeks🙂

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Cay123 in reply to Sandraj39

Thank you Sandra I can't believe these words come out of my mouth but I feel great and I love running :)

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Sandraj39Graduate in reply to Cay123

Me too - and this forum and C25k is where it all started for me☺Beware it is very addictive!

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Jen58 in reply to Sandraj39

Hi Sandraj39 A lot of people say week 6 catches a few out ? Why is this ?

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Sandraj39Graduate in reply to Jen58

I think the return to a walk break for a few runs interrupts the rhythm of the run and also I think this catches us out mentally a bit. Absolutely have faith in the programme and kick any gremlins in to touch and you will be fine! I used to imagine the posts I was going to share on here and I didn't want them to be negative!!☺

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Congratulations and well done! Enjoy that feeling!! 👍😁🌟🌟🌟

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Cay123 in reply to GoGo_JoJo

Thank you Jo it's an amazing feeling although legs ache a bit now lol x

Well done 👍🏻 great feeling isn’t it 😊

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Very well done... you did brilliantly. Each run follows the one before and slow and steady gets you there:)

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Thanks for the inspirational post...half hoping the snow makes w5r3 impossible but know in a few minutes I really have to go out and face it!

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