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Mrs Overall and her Saucony Guides complete week 4 run 1

Well I've done it, I really do feel like Mrs O which makes me smile as I trot and jog around. I run like Mrs O but hell I don't look like her. I was out in a lovely purple jacket and china blue top feeling good so thats one benefit. My calfs are starting to look serious too, like they know something about this running I don't

Not thinking about next week at all. Next run hopefully will be easier. Not too much pain today but a stitch. I'm utterly sleep deprived so that doesn't help either xx

thank you ALL for the support it really helps x

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Wonderful... just keep it slow and steady.... pop in rest day exercise too :)


thank you, will do x

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So you are Mrs O and I get Mrs O when I am tired - when I am wearing my Saucony's or my Brooks... She's a lady who gets around quite a bit.

Calf - mmm - my new shape I am calling Popeye.... just now buying new jeans, because the Popeye calf just won't go down a skinny leg jean anymore.

Hay ho, back to seventies and flares!

Well done on your run and I hope the rest of the week is kind to you and Mrs O


Funny you should mention Mrs O. I am nearby “two soups” 😁 at this moment

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