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Here I go!

I finished chemo for Hodgkins Lymphoma in August 2016 and tried Cto5K soon after but failed! I think it was too soon for me! I lead an active life with horses and dogs but am about 2 stone overweight so am trying this again along with healthy eating. Just finished my week 1 run 1 but failed to do the last 3 runs! Didn't realise how unfit I am but determined this time to not fail and will try again on Thursday and until I have completed 3 runs I will not go on to week 2. Is this the right thing to do? x

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That sounds like a good plan. HOWEVER, we do not allow the F**L word here. You had a practice, you learned something about yourself, you are better prepared for the next one.

Have you read the introductory posts under the FAQs? Very helpful.

Oh, slow down for the next session; you need to find the right pace to complete. Sounds like you have faced down a lot; you can certainly face down the C25K :)



You don't have to push hard to do this programme. The guide explains it all.

Keep us posted.


Keep at it.


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