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W5,R3....whoop whoop

I ran for 20 minutes. That feels so good ,I’ll write it again. I ran for 20 minutes .😃

I actually started my pod cast early and ended up further away from where I normally start so I was running through a couple of streets to get to the park I normally do my runs in and it suddenly occurred to me “ am I a jogger now ?!?”..this gave me the giggles for the first minutes of the big run and probably was a good start.

It was on my mind the length of time of this run so to keep my mind of it I decided to press shuffle on my playlist , I prefer to think of a 20 minute run as 4/5 of my favourite songs and I’m getting used to the first 6 or 7 songs now ( it needs changing up) this however was a slight mistake..I’m a slight romantic at heart and about 2 songs in Adele started crying into my ears..there’s a time and place for sad songs..grinding out the last 8 minutes of a 20 minute run is not one of them..🤣😂🤣

Anyhow sad songs aside I did my run , feel very happy. I can’t run now till Saturday (Work) so unfortunately I’m gonna slip a week behind my own schedule but hey ho, I’ll get there

Take care all 👍🏻

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Fantastic OlderThanDirt😊...

You nailed that run, and it feels great doesn't it... Well done😊x

*My running playlist is made up of songs all with a beat I can run to, no slow ballads😉


Well done. I'd even write it a third time it feels so good.


Isn't it a grreat feeling? I did it as well. We are GREAT!!!

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Whop, whoop indeed!


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