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is the first week 6 mins of running or 8

I am unsure if i have done week 1 correctly as I included the 5 min brisk walk as a part of the total 20 mins. But now thinking about it I am unsure and think I should have done the brisk walk for 5 mins and then do 20 mins of run walk(1 min then 1.5 min)

I am now doing Week 2 today so would like to know what I should do, cheers

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Well done so far

Week one is:

8 run/walk repeats = 20 mins

Warm up= 5 mins

Cool down= 5 mins

A total of 30 mins

Here is it week by week written

Or download the podcast or app here.

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Hi bertiesugar, and well done for starting the c25k program. It works and its fun!

Most people use an mp3 or phone so that they can listen to the instructions from their c25k coach, using an app or the podcasts.. You can just time it with a watch though.

Here is a link to all the details of how to follow the plan which I think will be helpful to you...

Yes, do the five minute warm up, then start the run/walk intervals and finish with a five minute cool down walk...

Its a good idea to do a few stretches after your warm down walk..

Detsils of all this are in the link too.

Good luck with W1 R2😊

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Thanks for that. Looks like I didnt do it exactly to plan for the first week, but am confident I will get it right tonight. Looking forward to it

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Millsie-J has given you the low down.. you will get it right I know... well done you!


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