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Just starting - w1.1 done

Finished my first run this morning - pretty pleased with how it went and am now feeling like a superhero 😃

Only thing I’ve noticed is that my left hip is sore this evening. Had gait analysis done a few days ago and got some new running shoes - I’ve never run before really and as I’m not as young as I once was, I didn’t want to run without the correct gear. Is this likely to just be a muscle complaining that it hasn’t been used before? Rest for a few days and see how it is? Common?

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Well done for starting and well done for getting the gait analysis at the beginning!

I would give it a couple of days rest before moving on but listen to your body, there’s no harm in repeating runs before moving on.

Good luck!

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Good work! That first run is always the hardest.

Muscle aches are very common in the first few weeks when you are new to running. If it persists, consider googling exercises for strengthening glutes and hips. In fact, do that anyway. And look up the “figure of four” seated stretch, which is brilliant for the hips and glutes.

Running is great for general fitness, but it is good to help your running body with strength exercises, as it can reduce the risk of injury- take it from a gal who has had her fair share of injury!

Well done on completing run 1 - you are on an exciting journey!

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Well done.

You will get aches but anything that is really painful or persists needs sorting.

Read the guide to the plan it may answer many questions.

Enjoy your journey.

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