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Bruised Foot????

I have noticed several times when in the shower my right foot looked like it was dirty at the front under the big toe. Never gave it any thought as I thought maybe I was picking up dirt from my black socks I was wearing.

Wednesday just gone I decided to look at my foot and under the big toe all the way down to the ball of my foot was dark mauve like a bruise. I did some googling and came up with several big toe syndromes.There is even a such thing as a "runners toe" which looks pretty scary. None of these matched what I have so wondering if anyone has any ideas?

There is no pain whatsoever either when running or afterwards. Within a couple of days it is all back to normal until I run again. My shoes Ghost 10`s are well padded so cannot be that and the shoes are not too tight. Wednesday I run outside and got the mauve look and today on the treadmill and still got the mauve look. No doubt by Sat night it will not be visible.

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Can you press your thumb into the gap between the front of the shoe and your big toe?

If not, your shoes may not have enough room in the toe box.

Are you wearing mauve socks this week?

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No mauve socks. Good point about gap between enough room in the toe box, I will check it out over weekend.


My Ghost 10s are on ebay for this very reason. They seemed large enough till my distances increased. Brooks come up small. Undortunately I bought them online untried so couldnt return them. They were pressing on my toes and causing bruising.


That is very interesting as it is only recently I have increased distances to 5k (3.1m) - 6.6k (4.11m) . I purchased them from a specialist running shop so will speak with them. I know people have taken shoes back to them after say 3 months as they cannot get on with them but 5 months is pushing it a bit. Still I could always try,thanks for the heads up flick.


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