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W8 R2, a cat, a fly and a call of nature

Yesterdays W8R2 was a 28min continuous run. 1km in there was a cat sat in my path, as I neared him he got up and scooted a bit further up the footpath, He did this 4 or 5 times as if taunting me to catch him. Undeterred I continued. As I neared the 2km mark I was sucking in air as it is a mild uphill section. At this point I swallowed a fly. Undeterred once more I just kept going. At about 3km I realised that the extra water I had drunk at the start was having an effect. Undeterred I kept going even passing a public convenience. At the end I forgoed the 5 mins warm down and shot straight inside the house for relief. Some days can be tougher than others.

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I suppose you could've swallowed a spider to catch the fly. Then a bird of course. Eventually you would have had to catch that cat.


Excellent. I will plot a new route. Garage for the spider. We have a nesting box in the garden. You may be onto something.


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