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Week5 Blog

This morning I got up on a very drizzly and windy Saturday to do my run. My body was really eager to get going this morning so I was up and out before 9am on a Saturday (yes, on a Saturday after a very late night as well!).

Id heard somewhere that running for 8mins was part of the plan this week and I felt a bit nervous when I started the r1 podcast - but I was happily overjoyed to find out its just 3 sets of 5ms running!

Have to say I'm so so glad I did that extra run of week4 because I feel that has given me the ability and confidence with my 5mins now. Brilliant run, loved being in the rain and I did have my give out a 'woop woop' really loudly when Laura told me it was time for the warm down walk. Bloody brilliant :D

Never thought I'd ever manage to run for 5mins. Thats really amazed me.

And todays route was just over 4k including the walks, and included a brief moment when someone stopped me (complete with hi-viz yellow jacket ad beetroot face lol) for some directions.

Fab stuff. Roll on r2! Must download it now as its all different runs in week5.

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woop woop. Giving directions too, that means you can talk and run.....I couldn't do that for the first 5 weeks :) Well done, half way approaching.


Well done fantastic! :)


Thank you both :D

Got run2 tomorrow, looking forward to running and pushing myself a bit more, although I will be mentally wishing for Laura to say I can stop the whole time through it ;)


Run2 - was pretty darn good actually!

The first 8mins was nice, easy pace and I didnt feel too hot. Was brilliant. Didnt even feel really out of puff either. I even thought to myself 'wow! I'm nearly a real runner!' and I managed a whole 8mins in the rain!

Then the 2nd stint of 8 mins was really hard. I started to find it hard to get into a rhythm breathing and had to walk for about 30seconds mid-way through as I couldnt breath and was really struggling over the top of a hill that my knee was grumbling about.

I ran an extra 30seconds or so after laura said to stop, but I dont feel too guilty about having a mini break. My body managed to run for 8mins all in one go, its never done that before!

And I know that a re-run of run2 will make my body stronger and also better prepped for the 20mins.

I feel amazing, regardless of the little blip, because I bloody ran for 8 mins straight and didnt die! Woop woop! Never ever thought I'd be able to do that when I started the programme.


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