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W4R2 - complete

I'm not sure if yesterday's run was harder than Monday's or not. Either way, I knew I could do it and it felt very satisfying at the end of the run. I'm running more confidently and trying to improve my posture - i.e. remaining upright rather than looking at the pavement! My pace felt quite slower but pleasingly the data stated otherwise so all in all, I'm progressing well. I've been a lot more conscious about my diet as I'm not prepared to blow the benefits of my hard runs on quickly forgotten unhealthy food/calories! The result is that I've lost 5.5lbs in just over 3 weeks (about 30% of my goal), which seems like a sensible pace to me and I don't feel I'm being cheated out of enjoying my food. I'm not a person to diet generally and I enjoy eating, a lot. I feel fitter, my clothes fit better and I feel quite chuffed that I've stuck with the programme, given that I've sat on it for 3 years. The principle reasons for this, having got myself out for the first run, are witnessing swift change both physically and psychologically and equally important, the advice, support and encouragement generously shared by forum members. It is a huge motivating factor for me so thank you and good luck with overcoming your weekly challenges regardless of where you are on the C25K journey.

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Congratulations. I'm a couple of runs behind you - but also already really feeling the benefits. I also sat on the program for a long time before being brave enough to put my shoes on and get out the door for the first run. Despite still having a long way to go on the program - I am convinced I have already done the hardest part - deciding to start - and am now just trying to enjoy each run as it comes and feel proud of each run (even if it is jogging at nearly the same pace as a couple of kids walking to school)!!


Great! Keep on the good work and most of all enjoy yourself :-)


Well done, keep plugging away. Thanks for your support. We'll get there!


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