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Just gotta run

When you get up in the morning and just need to get out for a run. It's a great feeling to be able to.

After watching last nights "The Truth About Getting Fit" I just had to get out to get my fix for the day! It was that or start doing star jumps in the lounge. I chose the former!

It was cold outside but after a brisk walk I knew I would warm up so thought nothing of it. Then I realised that the ground was not as grip'y as usual. Great another one of those runs!

I had wanted to try my hand at some fast 1K runs interspersed with some recovery slow run/walks but instead got it without the fast. But a run is a run and I don't think that I got the endo-whatever-it-was high that they talked about in the program but I sure knew I had been for a run.

Happy Running everyone, stay upright, stay off the IC and keep believing in yourselves.

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Endorphins 😁

My ears pricked up about the oft-trotted out phrase, “running is bad for your knees” being baloney. We always thought it was 😁. My doctor told me it was bad for my joints 🤨

It was icy out there this morning. I was out with the dog and slip sliding all over the place. Eek!

Take care peeps!


Found it ... endocannabinoid ... endorphins was mentioned too! :)



Great post - but stay safe on the ice!


Too right - stay off the ICE and stay off the IC. :)

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