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A Sloth

I’m not made for winter. I started c5k in August 2017, have done a 5k run but am yet to complete the programme. I have been out approx once a week since Christmas ( before I was out for a jog x3 and at gym x2) and apart from walking to work have done nowt else😟😟. I don’t mind the cold so much but when it is treacherous under foot it really puts me of( recovering from arm injury after tripping over my own feet🙄 in normal conditions). I’m hoping to be starting a new job in the next few weeks which will enable me to get back to 3x a week( plan on running home from work) and I’m thinking of signing up for a couple of local 5k to get the motivation back( that was the reason I started c5k). Everyone on this forum is an inspiration and I do want to be a ‘graduate’ so its back to slow and steady...... I’m off for a jog🏃🏼‍♀️

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Yay, get back on it. I would deffo complete the programme. The structure will help you

Good luck. 👍😃

Winter is nowt to worry about if you’re in the uk. It’s not generally that bad. I was the world's biggest wimp but trust me you quickly acclimatise! Once you get going, and you have something on your ears and/or head you will soon get warmed up you can warm up indoors first before hitting the road for the brisk warm up walk

Once you get used to doing it, you don’t really think about it.


Thank you misswobble, I’m back from a 25 min straight run, no Sarah in my ear( tech problem). It really is a mind game but today my feet had wings. 😁


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