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w2r1 done!

Another chilly but dry night and a very comfortable run - much more so than I expected. Both I and the wife coping well with the extra distance...running distance that is - our walking and jogging pace being identical the actual total distance covered is pretty well the same. It does feel great just jogging for that much longer though, making me feel fairly confident at least at the moment!

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Well done! It was a lovely evening for a run last night here too - deer and stars!

Happy running!


Sounds wonderful! Provided they don't surprise you too much - I did a solo night hike through woodland once and got really paranoid someone was following me (no headtorches in those days it was carrots and moonlight except for map checks). As I was checking my map with my torch I heard the distinct rustle of steps through leaf litter getting closer. Turned to find a deer about 6 foot from me. Never so surprised in my life!

Only wildlife on our route are randy cats (outside of times we've passed the pub at 11.30).


I did mine yesterday morning and found the first half hard (bit of up hill and bit of red wine over the weekend combo!) but eased into it in the 2nd half. I’m well up for r2.


well done! It is kind of addictive isn't it! (wife just pointed out I could be talking about two things with that comment - I mean both!)

The Monday one is after two rest days for us and like you rest also includes (for me anyway, less so for wife) a degree of liquid refreshment not entirely conducive for running.

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