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W3r3: check!

Tonight was a challenge. Mr Rainbow texted me while I was out this evening to say he had ended up in the same place as me so was going to get tea from the chippy and I should meet him there. I’m trying to be more thoughtful about what I eat generally, but couldn’t say no - despite the fact that the new routine is to get home about 8pm, get changed and head straight out for a run without stopping to think about it.

So, I dutifully are my half portion, waited for an hour, then got changed and headed out, accompanies by Fluffy Pup. We had a few false starts as she decided she needed to do what dogs need to do after 3 mins of the warm up. But after a couple of mins of waiting while she danced in circles trying to find the perfect spot, eventually she was ready and we continued on our way, watched suspiciously (judgementally!) by the deer grazing in the field next to us.

That’s another nice, uneventful run ticked off. Next time: week 3+ , in which I add a bit on to each run segment but don’t go as far as week 4...

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It might have been easier on your tummy ro run first and eat afterwards 😏 but well done on the run.

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That’s what I normally do - but my fish & chips would have been cold (or eaten by someone else!) if I’d done that last night! 😄 Normally though, yes - I get in, have a quick drink, maybe grab a cereal bar or something, then head straight out. At least I had an hour for my food to settle - Fluffy Pup had about 2 mins for hers!


Chips ate such a temptation! No doubt I will be tempted when I go in for an evening shift at work tonight! 😬 Well done for completing the run and Fluffy Pup too 🐶🐾👍

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