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W3R2 - completed despite so many excuses

Evening family,

I've just return from my run :)

Excuses: I feel too heavy after all weekend eating at my parents. I feel too tired after trip from Poland (on Sunday). I feel too sleepy after night when I was up half of it due to stomach issues of my beloved doggy. It's only Monday and I should save energy for the rest of the week. I'm too hungry. My neck hurts after uncomfortable beds and flight.

But who cares about excuses. First thing I did after I came home was put my magic running clothes on. Fully dressed I went for a half an hour warm up walk with my dog, who feels much better today. Home just to feed her, do dishes - still all geared up. And off I went.

It was hard, but easier than I expected :) First 90 seconds were damn long, but second 3 min run finished before I even noticed. And I had almost 1 week break from last run. So never give up! Just go there and admire moon, night lights, breeze on your face, and rythm of your feet on pavements.

Happy running!

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Yay! Good for you getting out there! You brushed off your excuses and did it. Lovely. xx

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Thank you. It wasn't easy, but changing my clothes first thing after work helped A LOT! I think without it I would just hide under the blanket and didn't do all those things I had planned for today. Thanks to the run, I accomplished a lot from my to do list and I am very proud of myself :)


Yaaay go IgaT !!! Beat those excuses into submission.

Glad lovely dog is feeling better too :)

I bet a run was actually just the thing after the flight and all the travels :)

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Thanks :) The run was day after the travel, so it was really good to move this body after sitting crumbled in the plane.

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