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Running again

Feeling tired but happy. After an almost 5 month break from running, due to never being home during daylight I finally donned the running shoes again this morning. Also dug out the app and Michael Johnson as I knew the gremlins would get me if I just ran for as long as “possible”. Wondered if I should just go back to Week 1 day 1 but felt that maybe max of a 10 minute run would be doable. Finally decided to go for Week 6 - nice 3 min walks to recover between 5 and 8 min runs. Can’t believe after all that time off I actually managed the runs, feeling rather stiff and tired but so happy. It’s great to be running again and looking forward to Wednesday., This programme certainly works, even when you’ve slipped off the wagon.

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Very well done you..just keep it steady as you go :)


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