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W4 R2 laughing in the face of 5 minute runs now

Well coughing and spluttering in the face of 5 minute runs really.

Had to dig deep for the last 5 minute ones and was wondering if Michael Johnstone was ever going to speak again but got there in the end.

Very pleased as have had coughing and cold for several days now but determined not to wimp out and all was well in the end. Had to make sure I started off at steady pace and hold it which worked well. Currently more chuffed than a chuffed persons chuffed thing.

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You are doing brilliantly... one run at a time and enjoy your success😊xx

Slow and steady works!


Well done 🙂👍

Slow and steady wins the day 💪


Brilliant.. slow and steady does it.. all the way to the podium:)




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