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Enjoying it again

Hi everyone, I wish you all a good week!

I'm on week 6 at the moment, the first run's done, and after a bit gloomy W5R3 it feels great again, which I suppose is more related to a better choice of audio than to the return to intervals. Can't believe the breathing is not an issue anymore. I've never been a smoker and still I would never have imagined myself running without that awful burning in my lungs.

Started doing yoga and so far I'm really happy about it. These stretches really help in the morning, because I sleep on my stomach. I tried sun salutations before and hated them because according to the instruction I was supposed to do about 20 repetitions of the full cycle in a row, which, for me, seems insane even now.

The only problem that there is nothing to use as a mat here, I'm considering buying the cheapest one and giving it away at the end of my stay in France.

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I did the C25k podcasts with the Audiofuel music and lived to tell the tale 😁

I am doing yoga now, just a beginners cheapo dvd which got good reviews. It’s flippin fab., so good I bought another one Tamal Dodge. 💪👍 he doesn’t make you do 20 of anything. Sun salutations feature, as you’d expect, but not to distraction 😃

Good luck with the runs and the yoga. Namaste! 🙂

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Didn't know about Audiofuel. That looks very modern! Did you like it?


Well done you and with the Yoga too.. buy a cheap mat, ( loads in the Supermarche!_


Thanks a lot! Bought it, now can do shavasanas :) Had to take a fast run to catch the bus on my way back with it... and felt OK even afterwards!

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