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the unwavering feeling of BLERG!

With Cecelia apparently on a international tour, spreading her 'you know you want to be naughty'-ness around, you'd think I'd have been much more motivated to go for my run today.

Not so. Mr Psycho went off to work, Dhiny arrived, I suited and booted, fired up Zombies, Run! We headed off and...I could not get the get up and go to raise my pace above a brisk walk. Honestly felt as if all the energy had been sucked out of me this weekend and though I did map out the route I want to take for 'Run for Pizza' next weekend, I didn't find much pleasure in it.

I put it down to the fact that this weekend has been so grey and cold and rainy and full of 'why the hell did my freezer break down?!'-ness that only thing really motivating me to keep going was knowing that I'd be more down if I didn't finish the route than if I turned around and went home. I knew something was wrong with my attitude, as normally I love Sam's friendly chatter on Zombies, Run! Today though I could only manage an irritated "what do you want NOW?!" every time he came on.

Getting home I declared myself unfit for human company and went back to bed. I reasoned that it wouldn't make things better but, at the same time, it couldn't make things worse either (besides, I'd just walked a bit more than 5k).

I slept for about 2 hours, woke up feeling better, then phoned Dhiny to apologise for being a moody cow and a complete wet blanket. She, being my loving mother whom I'm lucky to have, forgave me, (even though I woke her up by phoning her to say 'sorry') she came over for a cuppa and to help me clear out my freezer.

Oh well, I can only see to it that next week is better

Take care

MrsPsycho out xxx

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I wouldn't underestimate the stress factor in all this, which can be very draining. You probably think it's just a freezer, but we rely on these things, and besides, sometimes it's the little things that get us down, not serious enough to raise our adrenalin levels to cope, but tedious and demoralising.

Also, could it be that you are missing Cecelia more than you would have thought???


thanks FlickM3.

I'm definitely not missing Cecelia, my bag of white fudge pretzels remains untouched without her around.

I've decided to de-stress by changing up my running music play list

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I packed Cecilia up in a box and sent her on her travels (with a packet of maltesers). Wasn't sure where to send her. Hovered between Canada and Australia, and then decided on the US. Mind you I'm pretty sure she stole one of my pens and managed to change the address to WALES. With any luck she'll end up on the top of Snowden and have to walk back to you.


I'll keep a watchful eye out. I'm sure travel will broaden her mind (that or she'll discover new sweets and broaden her waistline again)

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