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It takes 3 to put the bass in your walk

Yesterday being a day full of ups and downs, I almost didn't go for a run because the dull grey rainy skies have left me feeling so 'blerg' mentally. Also, what with one thing and another throughout the day, my mood was in negatives and, despite arranging with Dhiny that she could come for a run with me again, when we next spoke on the phone, she was feeling the same way as me i.e utterly exhausted and not in the mood, she almost talked me out of going for a run (I suspect her own Goblin was actually speaking in her place)

However, Mr Psycho said "If she comes over to run with you, I'll go along too. I need to do my brisk walk, it'd be fun the 3 of us together"

When we got home, it turned out Mr Psycho had been to the local sports shop and indulged in some new running/walking shoes. He'd also, very thoughtfully, bought me a present - my very own Hi-Vis vest because: "I know you've got your running lights on your shoes, but I still worry" - Guys, I honestly think this one might be a keeper ;)

Cecelia tried to keep me on the sofa by pointing out that a Netflix show I've been watching had updated but I shook her off in favour of looking for my earphones - bad habit of putting them down and forgetting where I put them. Then Dhiny arrived, Mr Psycho donned his new shoes and we set off at our respective paces.

It took 10 minutes of jogging for me to find my groove, but then Tiger Feet came on my playlist and I decided that, even though I didn't feel like it, I was out running in the fresh air with the stars starting to show and I could keep thinking 'not in the mood' OR I could roll with the situation and feel the beat and, come on, it's Tiger Feet by MUD, I dare you not to dance when that comes on.

Pretty soon I was putting the Bass in My Walk and Sissying that Walk (I may be a little bit of a RuPaul fan, can you tell?) showing off my Tiger Feet, getting my Body Movin' and having a Little Less Conversation, a Little More Action whilst Counting Stars - running/walking around the same area as Dhiny and Mr Psycho - we weren't at the same pace, just in the same place at the same time. I was even doing arm movements!

Can I get some action from the back section!

When we returned to the Psycho Abode, Dhiny thanked us for getting her out and running when she didn't feel up to it, gave me a hug and went home to where Mr Dhiny (aka my dad) had a hot bath waiting for her.

I...promptly collapsed on the sofa and refused to move until Mr Psycho threatened to sit on me because he was knackered from all the brisk walking.

Today I kept reminding myself that next week I'm doing 'Run for Pizza' in aide of One25 and I need to test out the new route I was to take. yes, i know it's a fun run, so any distance is fine, but I'm planning a route I haven't run before - watch this space

Take care

MrsPsycho out xx

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Well done for getting out there when you didn't feel like it! 😊


Oooh Tiger Feet 😃. Oldie but goodie

I absolutely adore. A little less conversation! The remix that is

Have you soon the clip for it on YouTube? It’s brill 👍


Cover girl! Put some bass in your walk! (Erm, Run). Good work getting out there - and how lovely to have others to run with! x


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