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Putting in the k’s

Having graduated in the autumn I’ve been a less than regular runner but this week I stepped it up.

On Monday I did 5k and then just kept going until 7k. I really enjoyed it so I did the same again on Wednesday and then finished the week with the same just now.

Tired but it feels great. I can see how people get hooked on this.

And yes, slow and steady really is the way. 7 mins on the dot each and every kilomètre works for me!

If you’re on the programme I’d just say keep at it. It’s changing this 54 year olds life. More energy, less winter SAD. Worth the initial hard work.

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Well done, but be careful not to inadvertently overdo it.

If you want to increase your distance, the commonest way is to increase only one run per week beyond the 5ks, but increasing by no more than 10% of your weekly total mileage. This guiding 10% rule is employed by many runners at all levels to make sure they don't step up training load too much.

Your long run should be at an easy conversational pace, but one of the others could be intervals or fartlek, just to mix it up and keep the body developing.

Take care.

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Thanks for the guidance. I feel comfortable doing that distance but I like the idea of varying the runs.

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