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Week 3 - she believed she could, so she did!

I’d braced myself for a stormy run tonight, but actually by the time I went out, it was dry and not windy! Hooray! DD2 didn’t come, but I didn’t let that stop me - she claims she’s giving me a chance to catch up with her, since she can already fun far longer than I can! 😂

Even though I didn’t have my buddy with me, I got a string of encouraging texts as I was doing the third run segment, so that was perfect timing to spur me on. The last 3-min run was the toughest as my legs were feeling it, but I had a couple of mantras going round my head:

‘This girl (sorry, middle-aged woman!) can!’ And ‘She Believed she could, so she did’.

And you know what? It turned out I can. And I did! 😊 The cooldown walk at the end was he briskest I’ve managed in a Very long time, and my legs felt as though they could have run and run! (No, I didn’t put them to the test!). So a great start to week 3.

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You are definitely on your way :) Congratulations! :)


Very, very well done you... a great run... :) Believe you can... and you are halfway there:)


yeeeeees :) I am always reminded by those mantras of the year Nadia won the Great British Bake Off and did her speech with "I'm never going to put boundaries on myself again .... never going to say I don't think I can ... I can, and I will"

we can, and we will! whoop whoop runner.


Hooray for not having to run through a storm!

Sounds like you did an excellent job 🎖

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