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Victory from the jaws of defeat!

After 2 late night meetings at work I finally managed to get out for a run this evening - and began a not too challanging trot along my boring bypass route. 5 minutes in I felt my shoulders rise and the familiar asthma chest tightening setting in

At about 8 mins I was puffing on my inhaler. The mechanical run tracker lady gave me the 10 minute check as I began my disappointed trudge home.

However my chest eased off and I thought at least I could jog the short route back home. 5 minutes later I passed home feeling my running legs getting into their stride and so did laps around the local estate managing 35 minutes and (for me) a pretty decent average pace considering my wheezing walk early on.

Feel almost better about the run than if it'd all gone to plan - old me would certainly have welcomed the excuse to retire early 😂

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Very well done! The difficult runs with a happy ending are always the best!


Running with asthma must be a real challenge at times. There are a few on this forum. I'm glad you had your inhaler with you and were able to get going again and finished strong. Nicely done 👏


The asthma doesn't bother me too much - this is only the second time I've had to stop during a run - but it does add another dimension. I never go running without my inhaler.

Though I wasn't trying to, I think I probably went of a bit fast today.

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Well done you.... out there and taking it gently:)

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