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Week 7 Run 2

I feel like I'm actually running now. Downloaded map my run and was surprised to see I cover 4.8 km( including my 5 minutes walking either end). Currently my half way mark is at the top of a steep hill and I turnaround and think 'phew! I don't have to run back up there'. But if I'm going to hit 5k running that killer hill is gonna be in there. It's not alone, there's lots of hills on my route and I am finally finding them easier.

I vastly underestimated my route I thought it was 3 km maybe! Let's hope I make it to week 8 by next week!

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You are doing great.

Those hills will make you stronger. Those who don't run hills, can't run hills.

You can, well done.


Hi Moomomop - I avoided hills as much as possible during C25K - using Canal Towpath was great as it was lovely and flat. But I had one portion of the run with a bit of an incline and found I ran that faster than any other part!! I love tracking my run!

Just recently started trying to introduce hills into my runs and it’s a new challenge. You never know you might enjoy it!!


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