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WnRn...first non-first

So today was the first day I went for a run that didn't represent any kind of achievement or progress...I've completed the C25k process, made it twice round the park and now this is just me, going for a run in the park. Again.

Because That's What I Do Now. I go for runs in the park. I run 5k three times a week. I am a runner. Allegedly. But everything has changed so far and so fast, it still sounds strange to hear those words coming out of my mouth.

They say the important thing for success in life is not achieving goals but creating habits. This doesn't feel normal. Not yet. Time will tell.

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It’s a nice sense of freedom though. You can choose your own way of running. I run because I lve running, so ditching the c25k structure was liberating.


Nicely worded Mick. I can relate to your sentiments as a I too am a creature of habit; I feel that running has now become an established part of my life as I enter a new decade of it, replacing my quondam loves of rugby, cycling and swimming....although I haven't quite hung my goggles up just yet...still hoping to get back in water at some stage.


Great post and so well said. But with every run you are building a habit as well as a running body. That's progress as well as a big achievement. Be proud 🙂


What a great post. Thats exactly where I am. Am beginning to get to the stage where, not much aches and I feel great. I get quite grumpy if I haven't been for. run too! See you out there.


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