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W2 complete despite unprovoked attack by the duvet gremlin

This morning, the duvet gremlin cruelly attacked me. Even though I had laid out my running kit the evening before - on waking - all I wanted to do was stay in bed under the duvet where it was lovely and warm. This obviously wasn't helped by the near freezing temperatures outside. But, I finally managed to defeat that gremlin and get a toe out from under the duvet, then a leg, then all of me, and straight into the running kit - only to then convince myself it was too cold to go out. Finally managed to open the door and stick my nose out and start the podcast - and decided to start - even if I only walked for a couple of minutes before coming back home to the warm. But - once I was listening to the lovely Laura - I was off and couldn't wait for the first run - to warm me up!

Does anybody have helpful tips to defeat those gremlins that come along and try to persuade you that you don't want to run - even though you know you will feel great if you do actually run?

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I have graduated and now trying to work up to 10k. However I procrastinate and delay every run. I really don't know why as I always go and always feel great once it's done. Sometimes I even enjoy it during :).

My one trick is putting the kit on is easy, i'm only committing to getting dressed. Then out the door I am only committing to going for a walk. Once i'm out the run always happens without further concern.


Get up, get out and just do it. Don't think.

Have you read the guide to the plan? healthunlocked.com/couchto5... it may be helpful.


You've just gotta push through the gremlins... but you don't need any tips, you did it, all on your lonesome! :)


Just do what you did - get on and go! :) well done!

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