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What a wuss!

I am humbled and ashamed reading posts of everyone icy runs this morning. After I gave up on a windy rainy cold run last week I joined the local gym yesterday on a month by month basis (I’m pathetic but not mad!) and did 3 x 5k runs last week. It’s a lot easier than battling the wind and divets but I’ve found the big plus point is that I go a lot faster. The treadmill is sooooo tedious that you turn the speed up just to get it done faster. The problem is that I now have to find a whole new set of indoor running wear, the fleece lined leggings will have to wait until the spring. I don’t have a supply of light leggings and vest tops and you have to look sort of decent and coordinated in the gym. I can’t fall out of bed a throw on whatever comes to had. Oh the stress! I’m a bit worried that sportswear is becoming a new obsession

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Wow I am impressed you are enjoying the treadmill, i can’t see how that beats the outdoors....!!


It doesn’t! I live on a windy hill so it’s just to see out the rest of the winter the treadmill is truly tedious but it’s helping with adding speed to the stamina training in preparation for my first park run. Don’t worry I haven’t gone to the dark side!

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That is a huge relief..... and I agree it will help get you even stronger for the great outdoors ...


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