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Best laid plans of goblins and weather

"OK," I thought as I got off the bus to go home "just get home, get changed and then I'm going to run from the house to [nearest pub's name] and back again", except that I was halfway up the street when it started to rain, lightly at first which I shrugged off, I can run in light rain, that's fine...but then it got heavier and had me dashing through the front door.

"Oh well," Goblin Cecelia announced from the sofa, "never mind, can't go in a downpour. Want to watch Cherry Pop again?"

"I'm not sure it's still raining now, Cecelia," I told her, defiantly pulling on my running leggings, "I think that was just a quick cloud burst"

"How do you know?" Cecelia waved a hand at me (which happened to be holding the AppleTV remote)

"Look, if I go outside and it's still raining heavily, I'll go tomorrow"

However, getting outside, it was cold but not raining anymore, thus I locked the door and threw my phone and keys into my backpack (note to self: buy running clothes that have pockets!!) and set off - let's keep Abel Township smiling!

I did really well for the first 18 minutes, kept a nice steady pace, not too quick and not walking, happily 'Tiger Feet, Axel F, Little Less Conversation Little More Action, Body Movin' along (did a few dance moves as I went, I was really in the groove) picking up items to entertain Abel Township, having a great time watching the sunset and the stars come out, loving how my running lights were showing up too.

It was when I was three quarters of the way to [nearest pub's name] that I realised Zombies, Run! wasn't talking to me anymore, what's more it'd been 5 minutes since i picked up anything and...hold on, hadn't Sam said something about making Runner 5 a cuppa with a fresh teabag? Didn't that normally only happen when you press Sto...oh no.

Yup. Checked my phone and the app registered me as having pressed stop a few minutes before.

"Oh dear," Cecelia poked her head out of my backpack, "too bad"

"Do you know what this means?" I asked, shaking her out on to the pavement

"Yeah! Turn back and go home the short way because your run's ruined!"

"Actually," I fired up Zombies, Run! again, "This means we're still heading to the pub, we're turning around when we get there, taking the same route back home as we took to et here and I think we ought to add a bit on, you know, to make up for the interruption."

Cecelia stared at me, slack-jawed "You're...not SERIOUS, right?"

"I'm as serious as a heart attack," and I headed off again.

The stars were starting to come out by this point and it was very pretty, boogying along and I admired it all.

The run around the heap of gravel in the car park by the bus stop was very invigorating as an extra point in my run.

Cheered for myself when I got home and treated myself to a lovely hot bath before cooking supper for myself and Mr Psycho.

Take care

MrsPsycho out xxx

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Oh, no, a post from you just when I was about to go to bed. But I couldnt resist. Am chortling helplessly now 😂😂😂😂

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thanks ^_^

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Great post, Mrs Psycho. Keep running, keep posting!


Goodness, how did people run before technology Mrs P - oh yes - they had to flee from the dinosaurs and saber toothed tigers 8-)


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