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Many shades of slow

Thanks everyone who answered the previous post, you were absolutely right.

Saw a video about slow jogging somewhere in the community this morning. Actually, during my previous runs I had an impression of doing just that, but it was before watching the video. So slowed down today (still, in my opinion, not achieving the degree of slow shown in the video) and, unsurprisingly, had no problem completing W4R3.

Also treated myself with starting "Zombies, Run!" right now, feeling the urge of some positive reinforcement (I use a minimalist application for timing, not the famous podcast). Will have to think of something else to celebrate graduation, when the day comes.

Unfortunately, I've had a harassment attack on my way home. Last time it happened, I was still a teenager, and that is not something I know how to manage. So quite shocked by that, but happy about the actual run.

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Just ignore those rare individuals who pass derogatory comments. They are saying more about their own inadequacies when they open their pathetic mouths. Move on and breathe deep.

There is no set pace for slow, it is individual. An easy conversational pace is best for new runners, where you can hold an unfaltering dialogue with someone. Your body will adapt and develop perfectly adequately at this speed, for the time being.


Thank you for the encouragement! I'm actually in a very runner-friendly environment right now, everyone is running, so the nasty accident was not about that. But still, had to stop myself from unconsciously speeding up after seeing somebody outrunning me!

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IannodaTruffe has given you some good advice... take it gently :)

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