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Sore index toe in week8

I am up to week 8 run 2 and loving running,( not had any trouble with injuries other than achey knees now and again. I have had same running shoes from the start and they were always comfortable until this week. My second toe on left foot has become sore and looks like getting a blister on the end. It is the same length as my big toe so not sure about Morton's toe. Any tips or do I need new running shoes? Thanks

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I can't say what is causing your problem. Good quality running shoes should last 300-500 miles, so only you can judge their age and suitability. If you read this post about shoes healthunlocked.com/couchto5...……………..which-shoes there is a link to a whole host of different ways to tie your shoes, depending on where you are getting pressure. It might be worth a try.

The longer runs do throw up a different set of issues, compared to the early weeks.

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Thank you for the advice. I will try re-lacing my running shoes as a start and if it continues will go and get decent shoes with gait analysis. Thank you


Listen to the advice given by IannodaTruffe . It is important to have the shoes right:)


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