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WK 5 ish

I went out yesterday with the intention of completing wk5 r2 feeling confident that this run would be in the bag. I'm not sure quite what happened at the end of the first 8 minute run but I missed Sarah's instruction to slow down and walk for 5 mins. So I carried on. and on. and when Sarah finally piped up to tell me to start running again for the 2nd 8 mins, I felt so good that I just carried on again. That was 21 minutes and I felt really good about it.

I just want to reassure those who are going through the c25k programme, I have done it before. I completed it last September but had and enforced time on the IC for 12 weeks after a minor operation so this is me getting back into it.

I saw a post the other day about how our bodies will remember what they have been taught and today proved to me they are right. Now I just need to decide whether to move up to keep on with the programme or have the confidence that I can actually do this again without Sarah as my crutch.

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That sounds a terrific run, despite the techy problems. You are back!

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My advice for you and what I would choose do myself are two different things.

My advice would be to move on to W5R3 and carry on with the programme. THis will give you the opportunity to consolidate what you acheived.

But, if it was me, I would make my next run W7.

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