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Week 7 Run 1 completed, used a tracking app for first time

Hurrah, Week 7 Run 1 down and it didn't kill me. After the first 5mins or so I'm finding it gets easier, well, up until the point my loop takes me back to the steep hill that I cunningly do in the initial 5mins walk. I'm trying to take the attitude that the hills will "toughen me up" more than a flat course but by gum the 14-18 min range is hard work!

Tried running with my phone tracking for the first time today ("MapMyRun" app). A bit disconcerting with it barking over Jo every km my time and speed and so forth but I can see that it might be motivating to try to get those tighter over the runs. Pretty happy to see that if I scaled the 25mins up to 30 then I was just about on course for 5k (4.22k in 25mins). That is of course if those final 5mins don't go at a snail's pace...

How does everyone else feel about tracking apps, watches etc? Are they helpful or too much of a faff? I love my gadgets normally but don't want to over-complicate running when (for me) it's supposed to be a quick get out and do it before jobs for the day!

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I think tracking your runs is fine once you get onto week 7. Don't get hung up on the stats though, finish the program first before looking at your pace/distance in any way other than interest.

Plenty of time to work on distance/speed once you have graduated and have that 30 minutes of running in hand.

Keep going😊...

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Thanks! - yes it's just a curiosity thing really, to get a feel of where I'm at. I've no drive to get competitive (even with myself) just yet!

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Well done.

You can probably switch off the voice notification in settings, if you wish.

Most of us track our runs at some time. Having recently lost my watch I have escaped the potential tyranny of the tracker and enjoying less pressured running.

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I have the Fitbit ionic having upgraded from the charge 2, I love it, it tracks my runs loads them automatically to Strava to link in with my friends, it nudges me move during the day logs my weight and much more if you want it to, also uploaded my fave music to it. The thing I’ve enjoyed most is watching my heart rate and how it’s improved both resting and while running since I started...love it


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