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Back at it - we’ll sort of!

Started 30 min run at 06:45, cold and dark. Got half way round lake and my running bud said ‘ I don’t want to frighten you but..,’ Her blood sugar levels had gone through the roof! Now while she has been a diabetic for many years and manages her condition well sometimes there are problems. Needless to say I couldn’t carry on and had to walk with her and although I had a couple of running spurts on our journey back to the cars it wasn’t the plan I had in my head when I got going this morning. However after a few weeks off it’s probably not a bad thing and I will keep those gremlins off my back! My positive head says 1 you still went out at silly o’clock 2 you did better than you thought and 3 I haven’t lost much of my fitness level. Roll on Wednesday I’m coming after you!

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Sometimes things just conspire against you. Like you said - you got out there - it’s -1 here and I am wrapped up with a cold NOT going out - dread to think what temperature you had at 6:45!! Hat off to you for trying today (although thinking about it keep the hat on and stay warm). Hope you friend is better.


Well done.

Better luck next time.

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